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‘My Voice @ Little Green’ is a blogging platform for the children of Little Green Junior School. To ensure that we fulfil our duty to keep the children safe online, all posts will be moderated. However, that doesn’t mean that moderators will alter comments – that absolutely isn’t the purpose of this blog!

‘My Voice @ Little Green’ is very much a work in progress; we’ll see how it develops. That’s what makes it so exciting!

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Hello again….

Hello again everyone . Just to let you know, I have a new page on the way of becoming approved ! This is for all the posts I put so make sure you check it out once it is ready !  

This does also mean that even this post will be on the page! 

Do check it out ! 

A book about self belief.

Today a book arrived – You are awesome – by: Matthew Syed (a professional table tennis player) Matt Whyman (an agony uncle and childrens author) Kathy Weeks (a mindset transformer) and Toby Triumph (an awesome illustrator). I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs some encouragement. It was also read and reviewed by Dermot O’Leary – an X Factor presenter.

My Hobby

My favourite hobby is to do anything to do with football. My favourite team is when I was young I followed them Watford fc the team for me . And my favourite player is Dani Ceballos. I do everything football if I am not playing football because it is raining I am playing fifa. I like football because its a team game, you get to know people and its healthy. I like every aspect. If the football is not on television I am listening to it on Renault Super Sunday on my phone while doing my homework. I go to the game now and then. But I got a lot of my knowledge from this website. This is me saying bye !!!!!!Image result for vicarage road"

My hobbys

One of my main interest is arts and crafts. Its very calm for me and fun at the same time . The  most  resent crafty thing  made was a hanger for my dogs cloves . It was fun to make but my mum broke it 🙁 .


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Hello Everyone

Hello everyone and my name is Sushan and my favourite subject is maths as I am very passionate about maths! I also like computing,P.E,English and Science as it is quite enjoyable. 


I wonder what subject(s) that you like! Post it!